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Truth For Washington

The primary reason Truth For Washington was established is that as citizens we became increasingly alarmed at the "That's the way it's always been done!" attitude taken by far too many politicians with regard to honesty and integrity to justify the deceit, dishonesty, false promises and false claims made while running for office.

In October 2007 the Washington State Supreme Court placed it's stamp of approval on this type of behavior when they ruled 5 to 4 that candidates running for office have a Constiutionally protected right to be free from prosecution for lying in the pursuit of office.

Whether this ruling has encouraged politicians to feel comfortable making false statements while running for office or not it is clear this has become standard practice for both partisan and nonpartisan campaigns.

In 2012 the state legislature clarified this somewhat by refining RCW 42.17A.340 dealing with this issue by stating that this kind of freedom of political speech was not OK if the statements made against a candidate were made with actual malice and consisted of libel or defamation per se.

Unfortunately the kind of lies that we have seen over the years continue particularly in close races. It is our observation that this sort of behavior has been manifested primarily by "progressive" candidates, their supporters and a multitude of special interest entities.

We were also disturbed by the continuing dialog from the left concerning conservatives in general that painted them in a consistently derogatory light.

Truth for Washington is working in many ways to correct this misinformation and provide corrected and truthful images for conservative candidates. It is our hope to help voters who have been misled by the decades of misinformation and lies to begin to see the truth and question what they have for so long mistakenly accepted as fact.

Please help us with our current Projects to win the majority in the Washington State Legislature and selected City Councils for the Republicans and Conservatives!!

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