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Truth For Washington

Current Projects

For 2018/2019 onward we are creating a series of videos that will be broadcast throughout Washington State to correct the misinforation that has been delivered by the Liberals for decades to get Washington votes. Here are some of the current examples:

Please help us with our current Projects to win the majority in the Washington State Legislature and selected City Councils for the Republicans and Conservatives!!

2019 We will be supporting several candidates for local offices across King County where the liberals hold control, have been raising taxes and wasting taxpayer money for far too long. Please help us with your generous contributions to bring common sense and fiscal responsibility to all of our cities.

2018 We supported several candidates for legislative races primarily in King County where the liberals have held control for 56 of the last 60 years. Again we had mixed results but plan to keep on fighting to bring common sense back to Washington State. It was a year where anti-trump and anti-Republican messages were packed with false claims.

2017 We supported several candidates for city council races in cities where the liberals have had control for many years. We had mixed results helping to elect additional council members in SeaTac and failing to have an impact in Burien where the Liberals pulled out all the stops to win.

2016 General Election We worked on projects to help conservative candidates. It was not one of our best years as the candidates we supported did not come close enough to defeat their Democrat opponents in a Presidential Election year.
We created and ran ads on TV and made mailers drawing attention to the factual actions of their opponents that the voters would otherwise never be aware of.

2015 Project
SeaTac City Council The 2015 project was to help four candidates in their efforts to become elected to the SeaTac City Council. We worked on independent spending projects that included TV spots supporting these candidates and a mailer with information to voters before the election on November 3rd 2015.
All four of our supported candidates won!

You can see these videos here:

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